Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scientific explanation of Jain Philosophy at Boston, USA

International meditation consultant and trainer Mr. Arun Zaveri conducted Paryushan Lecture series on Jain philosophy at Jain Center of Greater Boston, USA, from September 2-9, 2013.

Jain meditation practice workshops were also conducted by him.

70+ professionals including Doctors, Engineers attended the program. He explained practical methods with modern scientific concepts.

He used PowerPoint presentation to explain the following topics:
1.             Jain Philosophy an Introduction.
2.             Association Disassociation of Karma.
3.             Mantra Sadhana.
4.             Logassa and Navkar.
5.             Kaussaga and Dhyan.
6.             Fourteen Gunasthana.
7.             Bhavana with Lesya Dhyan. 

He is kind enough to share these presentations online.  Click here   to study PPTs.


  1. I am happy to share feedback from our participants who attended my lectures at the Boston program as follows:

    "We were fortunate this year to have your able discourse and guidance in pursuing the highest goal of our lives. For the first time in my life, the concepts and philosophy of Jain religion were made clear to me. I had tried several times to understand from different people and literature, but I was unsuccessful.

    Your explanation and words in simple language resonated with me and I could understand each and everything you were expressing with so much conviction. I could feel that it was from your inner self and experience. I can't express it in words how much relief I feel in finding what I was looking for since a long time.

    Rajan Jhaveri, Dedham, MA, USA.

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