Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Complete Course Outline of Scientific Meditation

A personalized training program is provided in a private setting.  The schedule is tailored to your needs.  Call to arrange a free consultation.  Professional fees will be decided according to requirement.  Email your request with your details and the course number to 
  1. One Day Introduction to Scientific Meditation
  2. Two days Scientific Meditation Workshop.
  3. Five days Residential Camp
  4. Personal Training
Click the link to view specific schedule of above 3 programs. Scientific Meditation: Course Outline:  
  •  Above mentioned professional courses can be organized by groups, associations, organizations, clubs, corporate sectors, etc.  Mr. Arun and Mrs. Mayuri Zaveri will conduct these.
  • Professional PowerPoint presentations (through LCD projector) will be followed by practical meditation exercises.
  • Courses can be conducted in English, or Hindi or Gujarati language.


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