Scientific explanation of Jain Philosophy

We are happy to share presentations as follows:

  1. Jain Philosophy an Introduction.
  2. Association Disassociation of Karma.
  3. Mantra Sadhana.
  4. Logassa and Navkar.
  5. Kaussaga and Dhyan.
  6. Fourteen Gunasthana.
  7. Bhavana with Lesya Dhyan.
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Arun Zaveri

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  1. I am happy to share feedback from Mr. Sunil Shah as follows:

    "Thank you so much for sending me your Paryushan Parv presentations. I hope it is OK with you if I forward these to other interested JCGB members, friends & families. Please confirm. As requested by you, I give my comments for whatever they are worth.

    Overall it was a good presentation, different from the previous ones- relatively more practical & useful than theoretical".

    Sunil Shah